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North Yorkshire, England

Bobby was born at full term via normal delivery.  Bobby has two older siblings.  As a baby he had recurrent respiratory infections and was diagnosed with hyper reactive airways disease.  He has visual impairments, bilateral ptosis, he did not open his right eye for several days after birth, it is unclear how much peripheral vision Bobby has.  Bobby was generally slow at reaching his milestones - he was not sitting until 9 months, he didn't crawl, instead he dragged himself from 16 months and began walking at 2 years.  He was diagnosed with hypotonia and was regularly seen by an Occupational Therapist.

Aged 16 months old, Bobby was referred to see a Paediatrician by the Opthalmologist, who eventually enrolled us on to a Deciphering Development Delay Study in March 2015.  Bobby was diagnosed with DESSH in July 2018, aged 5 years, 5 months.

His speech and language is severely delayed, he is now managing 5 word phrases but remains difficult to understand.  He did not speak until he was 3.  Bobby has very limited sense of danger and a very high pain threshold.  He is very sociable, overly so at times but is very popular at school with other children.  Bobby can count to 10, although he does not understand specific numbers or number order.  He can recognise basic shapes and colours.

Bobby has a great sense of humour and a soft affectionate nature.  He can become distressed when he cannot be understood and at times his behaviour can be challenging.

Bobby has struggled with severe constipation, eating/diet can be a struggle at times due to his sensory issues, he dislikes foods with a 'slimy' texture and opts for dry foods and will not try fruit or vegetables.

He loves anything to do with farming/tractors and Spiderman, he loves dancing to music and dressing up.

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